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ANT-MAN Casts Michael Douglas

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ANT-MAN Casts Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas has joined the cast of Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man in the role of Hank Pym, a scientist and new villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ant-Man_Douglas Hot on the heels of last night’s Golden Globe win for his performance in Steven Soderbergh‘s Behind the Candelabra, Michael Douglas has landed his next big role. Douglas has joined the cast of Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man in the role of Hank Pym, a scientist and villain in the new film. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said:
With Hank Pym’s rich history in the Marvel Universe, we knew we needed an actor capable of bringing the weight and stature to the role that the character deserves. We felt incredibly relieved when Michael Douglas agreed to step into the part with the charm and fortitude he brings to every character he inhabits, and couldn’t be more excited to see what he will do to bring Hank Pym to life.
The two-time Academy Award-winning actor joins a cast that already includes funny man Paul Rudd as the titular hero, Scott Lang. Pym originally created a chemical that allowed him to change his size and when he retired, he handled the title of “Ant-Man” to Lang. He first appeared in “Tales to Astonish #27” (Jan. 1962). (No doubt Marvel continues to go all Quentin Tarantino on us and cast old stars in high profile roles). Ant-Man will be directed by Edgar Wright, who co-wrote the script with Joe Cornish and is set to begin production shortly in Georgia. The pic opens in theaters on July 31st, 2015. Not much else is known about the film, which is supposed to launch “Phase Three” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. avengers-animated-ant-man
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