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Edgar Wright Teases ANT-MAN Story

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Edgar Wright Teases ANT-MAN Story

This image comes from the animated series ‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ from an episode titled ‘To Steal an Ant-Man’

To-Steal-An-Ant-Man An official announcement that Paul Rudd has been set to star in the title role for Edgar Wright’s upcoming Ant-Man, hit only days before Christmas, just in time for stuffing the stockings of Marvel Studios fans. The rumor mill has begun spinning when Wright has winked at the report that Rudd is playing a different Ant-Man: Scott Lang, instead of the original Henry ‘Hank’ Pym. However, with a new picture (below) which Edgar Wright has posted on his blog with a little caption that simply said, ‘Homework,’ the rumor mill begins swirling at its highest speeds. All jokes aside, image comes from the animated series ‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes‘ from an episode titled ‘To Steal an Ant-Man,‘ based upon a comic book story from Marvel Premiere #47, in which Scott Lang swipes the original Ant-Man equipment from inventor Hank Pym, and uses it to commit crimes. Back in 2006, Wright’s idea for the film:
Is to have a film that basically is about Henry Pym and Scott Lang, so you actually do a prologue where you see Pym as Ant-Man in action in the 60′s, in sort of “Tales to Astonish” mode basically, and then the contemporary, sort of flash-forward, is Scott Lang’s story, and how he comes to acquire the suit, how he crosses paths with Henry Pym, and then, in an interesting sort of Machiavellian way, teams up with him.
The truth is that Marvel’s press release didn’t specify his non-costumed alter-ego. But since Marvel Studios mastermind Kevin Feige described Ant-Man as ‘a techno-heist movie’ it makes a whole lot of sense to figure that Rudd is playing the younger Ant-Man who steals Pym’s shrinktastic Pym Particles and ant-controlling helmet. We’ll keep you in the loop as we get more information on this. Ant-Man opens in theaters on July 31st, 2015. avengers-animated-ant-man
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