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Watch: Trailer For ENEMIES CLOSER, Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme

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Watch: Trailer For ENEMIES CLOSER, Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme

ENEMIES CLOSER Enemies Closer, anyone out there familiar with the title? In case you’re surprised (as much as we are) with this action thriller, head inside to check out the first trailer, images and poster for Peter Hyams‘ upcoming movie. Why? Well, maybe ’cause Jean-Claude Van Damme plays the bad guy in the whole thing…?
Peter Hyams directed the pic from a script written by Eric and James Bromberg, which revolves around two sworn enemies who must work together to escape a ruthless drug cartel hell-bent on retrieving a drug shipment which went missing there. ENEMIES CLOSER Image 01 ENEMIES CLOSER Image 02 Or, in case you want to read the official synopsis:
After a major shipment of drugs goes missing on the US-Canadian border, forest ranger and former Navy SEAL Henry is plunged into survival mode when the drug cartel forces him to help retrieve the downed package. Trapped in the wilderness with no communication to the outside world, Henry finds himself face to face with Clay, a man with a personal vendetta against Henry who has returned for retribution. Now, the two mortal enemies must make a choice: put aside their past and work together, or die alone at the hands of the drug runners, a ruthless gang who will stop at nothing to retrieve their lost cargo.
ENEMIES CLOSER Image 03 ENEMIES CLOSER Image 04 Beside Van Damme who plays a bad-guy aka a drug kingpin named Xander, the rest of Enemies Closer cast includes Tom Everett Scott as the above mentioned Henry and Orlando Jones as Clay. Still nothing about the official release date, but as usual – we’ll keep an eye on it, so make sure you stay tuned! As usual, click on all these images to enlarge & let us know what you think… ENEMIES CLOSER Image 05 ENEMIES CLOSER Poster
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