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Eric Bana in Echelon

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Eric Bana in Echelon

Echelon is a movie based on the book Firewall, the first in the 12 novel espionage series by author Andy McNab.

Eric Bana

So, when we have word “espionage” involved, it already sounds like some new action Bond-like hero is coming. Hyde Park Entertainment is in charge for developing this project, and it looks that Eric Bana could be just the perfect hero for this kind of project… The story follows an ex British Special Air Service soldier Nick Stone “as he attempts to prevent a terrorist organization from accessing the world’s largest computer intelligence database. Nick Stone is on the run after ‘lifting’ one of the heads of what the intelligence services call ROC (Russian Organized Crime). A group of City investors is unhappy wtih the way the warlord’s activities have manipulated the markets, and they want him taken to St Petersburg for disposal. Back in London, Stone is given the chance to earn enough money never to have to do this sort of work again. Officials believe that Russia has embarked upon a concerted espionage offensive and has stolen some of the West’s most sensitive military secrets. When Stone goes back to Finland, however, and from there into the former Soviet republic of Estonia, he finds himself caught between implacable opposing forces — to whom he is nothing more than a pawn in a much bigger game.” At this moment we do know that John Connor is in charge for the script, although there’s still no word about possible director and no production start date has been set. But, what’s very interesting about this project is the fact that author McNab (McNab not being his real name by the way) is an ex SAS officer, and he was one of the most highly decorated British officers from the first Gulf War. He was also the weapons coordinator on the Michael Mann’s movie Heat so we guess that it would be more than interesting to see his story on a big screen. So, now it remains to be seen if Bana will sign on. We definitely hope to see him in a movie like this, but, until something official happens with Echelon, make sure you bookmark Eric Bana for Joe Wright’s thriller Hanna next spring. Stay tuned!
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