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Dying To Get Laid? Jessica Szohr & Ed Speleers Have The Same Problem In LOVE BITE (Over 30 New Images, Clip and Trailer)

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Dying To Get Laid? Jessica Szohr & Ed Speleers Have The Same Problem In LOVE BITE (Over 30 New Images, Clip and Trailer)

LOVE BITE I can’t believe we missed the official trailer and clip from Andy de Emmony‘s horror comedy Love Bite. Yep, shit happens, but maybe we can (still) fix some things: over 30 new images with Jessica Szohr and Ed Speleers, one pretty weird poster (plus trailer and that clip) are waiting for you in the rest of this report. Give them a try ’cause for the virgins of Rainmouth, things are going to get hairy!
Written and directed by Andy de Emmony, the movie revolves around a mysterious Traveller girl who was suspected of being a werewolf. LOVE BITE Image 01 LOVE BITE Image 02 LOVE BITE Image 03 LOVE BITE Image 04 LOVE BITE Image 05 LOVE BITE Image 06 In other words, Ed Speleers plays a guy named Jamie who is bored out of his mind and desperate to escape the dead-end seaside town of Rainmouth. LOVE BITE Image 07 LOVE BITE Image 08 LOVE BITE Image 09 LOVE BITE Image 10 LOVE BITE Image 11 LOVE BITE Image 12 Everything changes when he meets beautiful, smart and sexy American traveler Juliana, played by Szohr, but soon after her arrival, strange things start happening. LOVE BITE Image 13 LOVE BITE Image 14 LOVE BITE Image 15 LOVE BITE Image 16 LOVE BITE Image 17 LOVE BITE Image 18
One of the local teens goes missing at a party. Then, another. Jamie is warned by an enigmatic stranger that a werewolf is in town – and preying solely on virgin flesh! The only way to be safe seems to be to pop your cherry. For all the talk of Jamie and his friends, it turns out none of them have ever had sex before. Pretty soon, everyone is dying to get laid…
[youtube][/youtube] LOVE BITE Image 19 LOVE BITE Image 20 LOVE BITE Image 21 LOVE BITE Image 22 LOVE BITE Image 23 LOVE BITE Image 24 Love Bite also stars Timothy Spall, Luke Pasqualino and Daniel Kendrick. The movie was released in UK on November 9th, 2012, and (also) released by Entertainment in Video on DVD and Blu-Ray on 4th March 4th, 2013, but there’s still nothing about the (possible) US theatrical release date. Who cares, click on all these images to enlarge & enjoy! LOVE BITE Image 25 LOVE BITE Image 26 LOVE BITE Image 27 LOVE BITE Image 28 LOVE BITE Image 29 LOVE BITE Image 30 LOVE BITE Image 31 LOVE BITE One Sheet LOVE BITE Poster

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