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Restored Hitchcock’s THE RING to be Streamed Live on The Space

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Restored Hitchcock’s THE RING to be Streamed Live on The Space

The Ring, Alfred Hitchcock Hey there, Hitchcock’s fans! We have something great to share with you today, so pay attention! You have no reason to be afraid of the upcoming Friday the 13th, because some good people from The Space have decided to cure our paraskevidekatriaphobia by giving us all a chance to watch a live-stream of Alfred Hitchcock’s rare silent masterpiece The Ring! Yeah, consider this as an exclusive gift, and check out the rest of this report for more details. First of all, in case you’re not so familiar with The Ring, we’re here to inform you that Hitchcock’s melodrama is actually the story of a love-triangle between boxer Bob Corby, his sparring partner Jack Sander and Jack’s beautiful wife Mabel. You can check them all out in these great black and white images, and I will just add that the bouts in the ring become more than gamely sparring, leading up to the championship fight (famously set in the Albert Hall) between the two men for the love of Mabel. The Ring, Alfred Hitchcock What also sounds great is that this premiere will be accompanied by a specially commissioned soundtrack composed and performed by award-winning jazz musician Soweto Kinch. So, basically, we have two men fighting for the love of one woman, and a lot of great music? Ok, we’ll be there! If you share our enthusiasm for The Ring, then I’m sure you’ll be at on Friday 13th at 20.00 (GMT), ’cause that’s exactly when it will be streamed live for the first time ever from London’s Hackney Empire! But, that’s not all! In the run up to the live stream, The Space will also feature Hitchcock documentaries including Hitchcock and cinema in the 20s and Hitchcock and the Evolution of Style. And, there will also be an interview Hitchcock gave to the BBC programme Late Night Line-Up in 1966. We’re definitely ready for Hitchcock’s masterpiece. What about you?
The Ring, Alfred Hitchcock

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