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Robert Duvall to Star in Billy Bob Thorton’s Jayne Mansfield’s Car

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Robert Duvall to Star in Billy Bob Thorton’s Jayne Mansfield’s Car

I really have a problem to imagine Billy Bob Thornton directing something described as “another Southern tale,” but who am I to have any doubts about his work, especially now, when Robert Duvall has announced that he’ll be in the film?

Robert Duvall

Yeah, you read that correctly, so you better get ready for the upcoming Jayne Mansfield’s Car movie! In an interview with EW, Robert Duvall said: “It’s another Southern tale. It puts Tennessee Williams in the back seat – it’s that brilliant… It’s about a guy in between WWI and WWII who raises a family after his wife left him for an Englishman and moved to England… When the wife dies, she asks to be brought back to Alabama to be buried, and at that point the character hasn’t seen her in 20 or 30 years. The two families – her original family she abandoned and her English family – meet and then things get really interesting.” So, we finally have an interesting update on the story that director (and, by the way, one of the actors in this project as well) Thornton last year described as a story that “…takes place in 1969 in Alabama. It’s a comedy drama, and it’s about human relationships. This one deals a lot with how different generations view war and also it examines the randomness of life and death.” Let’s also add that Billy Bob Thornton is not only in charge for directing the whole thing, but he’s also responsible for the script together with Tom Epperson, and, as we mentioned, he will star in the movie. No surprise, especially if you remember him saying that: “Movies being made these days are really not my bag as much. I figured that instead of sitting around complaining that I really don’t want to be in a superhero movie or cartoon or a 3D vampire movie and all that kind of thing, I’ve written movies before, so why not write one.” So, he wrote it, and there you go! Production is scheduled to begin this summer.
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