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Samuel L. Jackson Joins Spike Lee’s OLD BOY

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Samuel L. Jackson Joins Spike Lee’s OLD BOY

Samuel-L.-Jackson-Joins-Oldboy-Remake Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson are set to team up again for Lee’s remake of Old Boy after twenty-one years apart (Jungle Fever). Jackson has reportedly landed a small, but instantly recognizable role in Lee’s upcoming adaptation of the second installment of Chan-wook Park’s celebrated vengeance trilogy. Josh Brolin is set to star in the lead role, and Jackson will be playing the role of the man who guards Brolin’s character and a man who is being tortured by the hero (Brolin) in a key revenge scene, except remake won’t go with the disturbing tooth removal employed in the original film. Sharlto Copley and probably Elizabeth Olsen are the only other roles that have been cast at this point. Additionally, Bruce Hornsby, who recently scored Lee’s latest indie effort, Red Hook Summer is set to compose the score for the upcoming director’s film. The musician recently told The Times about his ideas for the score:
I’m working on a few things and I’ll send them to Spike soon. The ‘D’ word has been spoken to me by him. But I think the score will also run the gamut.
Hornsby, who also scored Lee’s baskeball doc Kobe Doin’ Work is best known for his 1986 hit The Way It Is. English-language remake of South Korean classic revenge drama is scheduled to start shooting in New York and Louisiana this fall, produced by Mandate Pictures. [youtube][/youtube]
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