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Sci-Fi Thriller BRANDED Gets First Trailer

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Sci-Fi Thriller BRANDED Gets First Trailer

Sci-Fi_Branded Jamie Bradshaw who co-founded the ad agency Ignition Creative, and Russian TV exec Alexander Doulerain the Chief Creative Officer of Russia’s TNT TV network, co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed the Branded thriller about a nightmare vision of the future world where corporate brands operate a conspiracy to control the world’s population via mind control. The dark sci-fi thriller appears Leelee Sobieski, Jeffrey Tambor, Max Von Sydow and Ed Stoppard in key roles. Branded opens in theaters September 7th, 2012. Bradshaw told in the release:
The most powerful weapon on earth today is nor a gun or a disease, nor is it even visible to many. It is marketing. Marketing is the power to control your desires and change your mind, and if you look closer there something about it that is not of this earth.
Doulerain added:
I worked for many years in marketingand have to say as fantastical as the plot of our movie might seem it is as real as it gets.
So, film is set in a world where a powerful corporation has secretly planted genetic code in the population to make them the ultimate consumers; one man, Misha (Stoppard) is on a lone mission to unlock the conspiracy – he fights an epic battle with the hidden forces that control the world. Hasn’t this already happened? However, you have to watch the trailer with no less than 97 QR codes and familiar logos with different names – overall  marketing campaign will include 100 QR codes in all. Is your smartphone ready to scan QR codes? [youtube][/youtube]

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