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SHE WANTS ME Trailer and Poster Starring Hilary Duff

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SHE WANTS ME Trailer and Poster Starring Hilary Duff

She Wants Me Today we have for your a new poster and trailer for Rob Margolies’ upcoming comedy She Wants Me, starring Hilary Duff, Kristen Ruhlin and Josh Gad. The film follows the tale of a neurotic writer named Sam, (Josh Gad), who is making his next feature film and becomes conflicted after Duff’s A-list starlet character shows interest in playing the lead role, which he has already promised to girlfriend and struggling actress, Sammy, (Kristen Ruhlin). Here’s the synopsis for the film:
Meet odd couple: Sam and Sammy (Josh Gad and Kristen Ruhlin). They’re a loveable New York native couple living together in Los Angeles. He’s a wisecracking, overweight emerging filmmaker, struggling to finish the script for his next movie. She’s a beautiful, compassionate aspiring actress, auditioning for any role she can find while working random jobs to help pay rent. They’re barely getting by, yet happy enough, until Sammy’s strapping and extremely successful ex-husband, John, whom she still may be in love with, unintentionally imposes as their houseguest to help them out financially. Before Sammy, Sam hasn’t had much success romantically. In fear of losing her to John, Sam offers Sammy the lead role in his next movie… the night before one of Hollywood’s hottest, most in demand actresses, Kim Powers (Hilary Duff), expresses interest in playing the role. Now Sam’s caught in a pickle. From Executive Producer Charlie Sheen, She Wants Me is a hilarious and original feel-great comedy filled with winning performances and an uproarious cameo by Charlie himself!
Premiering on April 5th, 2012 in LA also in New York, Redbank NJ, Columbus, and Atlanta. [jwplayer mediaid=”96349″] She Wants Me Poster
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