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Some THOR: THE DARK WORLD and IRON MAN 3 Posters You’ll Never Have

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Some THOR: THE DARK WORLD and IRON MAN 3 Posters You’ll Never Have

Iron Man 3 idea 8 One cannot really deny the impact of a small start-up poster shop from Austin, Texas, on the moviegoing community in the past few years. Mondo, does that ring a bell? Ever since Mondo began creating limited-edition prints of movie posters tied to special screenings and events, the company and the artists who’ve done work for it have found incredible success. Now those artists are being commissioned by major studios, and we’re at the point in time where you’re not a big movie unless you have your own Mondo poster and/or a Mondo-friendly artist working on it. Two of their most popular artists are Olly Moss and Jock, and both seem to be ‘rooting’ within the Marvel family pretty well, because their names are all over a series of new posters for Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3, except there’s one small, annoying bit: you can’t own any of them. We present you first with Olly Moss, who was hired to create these special Thor: The Dark World posters as a gift for each principal cast member after the filming is finished. Check them out (via ScreenCrush):

Thor - Moss 1

Thor - Moss 2

Thor - Moss 3

Thor - Moss 4

He explains,
“Earlier last year, I was invited by [Thor 2 coproducer] Craig Kyle and Kevin Feige to make their wrap gift for the cast and crew of Thor: The Dark World. Here’s the thingie I did. Each principal cast member had their own character on their poster.”
As of now you can’t own these, as we said, but we wouldn’t be surprised if some special-edition prints wound up floating around later this year, maybe at Comic-Con. In addition to the Thor 2 posters we have these really cool Iron Man 3 posters from Jock, the artist behind the film’s IMAX poster. These other IMAX poster designs weren’t used, but he posted them anyway. Unfortunately, like the Thor 2 posters, these aren’t for sale… yet. Check them out (via Jock himself), too, and tell us what you think in the comments! Iron Man 3 idea 1 Iron Man 3 idea 2 Iron Man 3 idea 3 Iron Man 3 idea 4 Iron Man 3 idea 5 Iron Man 3 idea 6 Iron Man 3 idea 7 Iron Man 3 idea 9

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