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2 New Trailers For THE PACKAGE, Starring Dolph Lundgren & Steve Austin!

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2 New Trailers For THE PACKAGE, Starring Dolph Lundgren & Steve Austin!

THE PACKAGE He was their most valuable asset until one betrayal made him a target. We have two completely new trailers for the upcoming action thriller titled The Package, which comes from director Jesse V. Johnson and stars Dolph Lundgren and Steve Austin in the leading roles. Check out the rest of this report to find these videos & some pretty cool images from the whole thing, and as usual – let us know what you think! THE PACKAGE Image 01 Jesse V. Johnson directed this action-packed thriller from a story written by Derek Kolstad which centers on a courier who works for a local crime lord and who must deliver a mysterious package while being chased by a horde of unusual gangsters. [jwplayer mediaid=”128548″]
Tommy Wick is a nightclub bouncer and enforcer for Seattle crime boss Big Doug. When Big Doug instructs Tommy to hand-deliver a secret package to the mysterious international crime lord “The German”, he does so with the hopes that Big Doug will forgive the debt Tommy’s brother owes. Word of the clandestine delivery spreads and soon “the package”, and those who carry it, becomes the target of rival gang leader Anthony, who’ll stop at nothing to ensure its capture. Facing incredible odds, Tommy races against the ticking clock, and a small army of hit men, mercenaries, assassins and sadists, to complete delivery. But does The German have other ideas about what to do with the package?
[jwplayer mediaid=”128549″] Steve Austin plays that nightclub bouncer Tommy Wick, Dolph Lundgren plays The German, while the rest of the cast includes Darren Shahlavi, Monique Ganderton, Jerry Trimble and Michael Daingerfield. Anchor Bay Entertainment will release The Package on DVD and Blu-ray on February 19th, 2013. THE PACKAGE Image 02 THE PACKAGE Image 03 THE PACKAGE Image 04 THE PACKAGE Image 05 THE PACKAGE Image 06 THE PACKAGE Image 07 THE PACKAGE Image 08 The Package Poster 01 The Package Poster 02
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