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David Gordon Green Writing And Directing Love Story Q for Columbia

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David Gordon Green Writing And Directing Love Story Q for Columbia

David Gordon Green

The new planned film by David Gordon Green will primarily cohering around a basic premise that anonymous narrator who is engaged to the love of his life is visited by his future self, who says the marriage is a mistake that will ruin them both. If you picked up Q, latest novel from Evan Mandery you would realize that Green is set to write and direct the adaptation of the same book. If all goes well and the deal goes as planned, Columbia Pictures will acquire the rights for DGG to helm an unconventional love story, which title refers to the love of unnamed hero’s life based on her real name – Quentina Elizabeth Deveril. So, DGG finally gets back into character-based dramedies, something akin to It’s a Wonderful Life. The Q film will be produced Tolmach and Mandery’s manager, Pouya Shahbazian. Green worked with Tolmach on Sony’s raunchy comedy Pineapple Express. There’s no word on when director will get started on the movie. Green’s next film that is soon to release, Jonah Hill comedy The Sitter, is scheduled for January 20th, 2012. Quick, name first actor that comes to your mind to cast in ‘Q’. Steve Carell, or maybe Jason Segel? I am just kidding, I actually have no idea. To figure out the tone of ‘Q’ check out the first conversation between unnamed protagonist and his love interest that goes like this:
“I have no pressure to speak of, and even still I cannot sleep on Sunday nights.” “Perhaps it is something universal about Mondays, because the same thing is true for me too. I have nothing to make me nervous about the week. I love my job, and furthermore, I have Mondays off.” “Maybe it is just ingrained in us when we’re kids,” I say. “Or maybe there are tiny tears in the fabric of the universe that rupture on Sunday evenings and the weight of time and existence presses down on the head of every sleeping boy and girl. And then these benevolent creatures, which resemble tiny kangaroos, like the ones from that island off the coast of Australia, work diligently overnight to repair the ruptures, and in the morning, everything is okay.” “You mean like wallabies?” “Like wallabies, only smaller and a million times better.”
Overly quirky dialogue. Stay tuned.

Q - Cover

Q – Cover

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