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Robert de Hoog Stars in Adaptation of the Japanese Novel Loving the Dead

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Robert de Hoog Stars in Adaptation of the Japanese Novel Loving the Dead

Robert de Hoog

International Emmy Awards Nominated Actor Robert de Hoog (Skin) plays the lead part in the international English feature film Love Eternal, based on the novel Loving the Dead written by Kei Oishi, one of the most popular Japanese horror authors (2002 Grudge).

Curious German Soldier in upcoming Spielberg’s new war epic War Horse, Robert will star opposite Scottish actress Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman). The film, which is currently shooting in Ireland and Luxembourg, also stars UK actress Amanda Ryan (Elizabeth, Shameless) and Irish actor Declan Conlon (The Tudors, Fair City). The unconventional love and death story was scribed and directed by Irish director Brendan Muldowney (Savage). Plotline follows a restless young man who, after his mother’s sudden death, doesn’t leave his house for ten years. Until he is forced to explore a world which existence he had forgotten about. He slowly starts to discover this outside world, which seems to him to be often confusing and ruthless, as well as his own dark side. Just when everything threatens to overpower him a vibrant, young woman, with a comparable loss and trauma, seems to be his only hope for rescue. Love Eternal is scheduled for international release in 2012. Talented Dutch thesp Robert plays the lead in Me & Mr Jones (2011), an English spoken movie about Joran van der Sloot by Dutch director Paul Ruven. He will next be seen in Nova Zembla, directed by acclaimed Dutch director Reinout Oerlemans (Stricken). Check out the trailer for Nova Zembla, 3D movie that tells the gripping true story of the legendary failed mission of the late sixteenth century Dutch flotilla trying to find a trading route to Asia across the North Pole. [youtube][/youtube]

Nova Zembla 3D – Teaser Trailer

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