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Shutter Island Top DVD Rental of 2010 by Redbox

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Shutter Island Top DVD Rental of 2010 by Redbox

redbox DVD Rentals Redbox, America’s movie rental location had a record-breaking 2 mill rentals last New Year’s Eve and according to a national survey, 47 % of American movie-watchers will celebrate New Year’s Eve this year by watching a movie at home. Redbox makes it easy with $1 a night DVD rentals and $1.50 a night Blu-ray Disc® rentals at its approximately 24,900 locations nationwide. The wildly popular DVD kiosk company will be going into the streaming business next year and that it will do with the help of a partner. Among the names that have been discussed include Sonic Solutions ( streaming videos for Blockbuster and Best Buy), Amazon (Amazon on Demand streaming service) and Wal-Mart owned Vudu ( streaming player for various HDTVs and Blu-ray decks, not to mention the upcoming Boxee Box). Here’s a list of some great new releases available now: Top Movies for New Year’s Eve:
  1. The Other Guys Stars: J. Covitt, W.Ferrell
  2. Shrek Forever After Stars: M. Myers, C. Diaz, E. Murphy
  3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Stars: K. Stewart, R. Pattinson, T. Lautner
  4. Revenge of Kitty Galore Stars: B. Midler, C. O’Donnell, J. McBrayer
  5. The Expendables Stars: S. Stallone, J. Statham, J. Li
From Iron Man 2 to Toy Story 3, the following are the year’s top rentals by category based on rentals occurring in 2010. Many are still available at redbox® locations nationwide, so movie-watchers still have a chance to end the year with a favorite: Top Movies of 2010
  1. Shutter Island Stars: W. Ferrell, M. Wahlberg, D. Jeter
  2. The Bounty Hunter Stars: J. Aniston, G. Butler, G. Perez
  3. Grown Ups Stars: A. Sandler, S. Hayek, K. James
  4. The Karate Kid (2010) Stars: J. Chan, J. Smith, T. P. Henson
  5. The Blind Side Stars: Q. Aaron, S. Bullock, T. McGraw
Top Adrenaline Rush Movies of 2010
  1. Iron Man 2 Stars: R. Downey Jr., M.Rourke, G. Paltrow
  2. Kick-Ass Stars: A. Johnson, N. Cage, C. Moretz
  3. The Sands of Time Stars: J. Gyllenhaal, G. Arterton, B. Kingsley
  4. From Paris with Love Stars: J. Travolta, J. R.Meyers and K. Smutniak
  5. The Losers Stars: I. Elba, Z.Saldana, J. D. Morgan
Top Family Fun Movies of 2010
  1. Karate Kid (2010) Stars: J. Chan, J. Smith, T. P. Henson
  2. Alice in Wonderland (2010) Stars: M. Wasikowska, J. Depp, H. B. Carter
  3. Toy Story 3 Stars: T. Hanks, T. Allen, J. Cusack
  4. The Spy Next Door Stars: J. Chan, A. Valletta, B.R. Cyrus
  5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Stars: Z. Gordon, R. Capron, R. Harris
Top 5 Rentals on December 30th
  1. Salt Stars: A. Jolie, C. Ejiofor, L. Schreiber
  2. Easy A Stars: A. Michalka, A. Bynes, E. Stone
  3. The Other Guys Stars: M. Wahlberg, S. L. Jackson, W. Ferrell
  4. Knight and Day Stars: C. Diaz, T. Cruise, P. Sarsgaard
  5. Step Up 3 Stars: A. G. Sevani, R. Malambri, S. Vinson
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