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True Blood Movie Is In The Works

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True Blood Movie Is In The Works

True Blood wallpaper HBO is planning to take the vampire series True Blood to the big screen, similar to Sex and the City and Entourage. What’s Playing speculates that the True Blood movie will be made after HBO airs one or two other season(s) of the show, which has just wrapped the third season. According to the site HBO and Alan Ball have begun discussing a True Blood feature film. Even better, they state that there’s a good chance Alan Ball will direct the film, which is expected to happen “sooner rather than later.” With the popularity of vampire movies like Twilight as well as vampire shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries this would seem to be a great financial risk. The vampire movie business is a $7 billion dollar business in Hollywood and the True Blood movie would add a lot more to this already thriving business. What do you think? Would you head to your theater to see a True Blood film? True Blood wallpaper True Blood wallpaper True Blood wallpaper

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