Saw 6 Plot Details

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Saw 6

Here is the official plot synopsis for “Saw VI,” as released by Lionsgate:

Plot: Special Agent Strahm is dead, and Detective Hoffman has emerged as the unchallenged successor to Jigsaw’s legacy. However, when the FBI draws closer to Hoffman, he is forced to set a game into motion, and Jigsaw’s grand scheme is finally understood.

Saw VI was shot in Toronto under the direction of Kevin Greutert from a screenplay by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (the writing team behind Saw IV and V).

The cast for “Saw VI” includes: Costas Mandylor as Hoffman, Mark Rolston as FBI Agent Erickson, Betsy Russell as Jill, Tobin Bell as Jigsaw, Shawnee Smith as Amanda, and Peter Outerbridge as William.

The sixth installment in the “Saw” franchise is scheduled to hit theaters on October 23rd, 2009.

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  • J_B_2013 says:

    is saw 6 really coming out???

  • erica says:

    i wanna blow tobin bell.

  • mark says:

    i loved all the saw movies but part 5 was the best of the lot with the start seen
    and had a story that was really good in part 6 i would like to see a electric floor that has
    parts that you steep on and if you seep on the rong panle the get the shock of a life and the
    floor half decreas in the curent

  • the wolf says:

    i wanna lick u,erica :)

  • Daniel says:

    The saw franchise is getting really old now

  • Jamy says:

    maybe a test of strategy and timing. Many obstacles that are deadly that are facing the torchure'e. Maybe walking on spikes and his destination is only 200 ft away. He has only 2 minutes to cross it and if he doesnt then the floor colud rise up and then crush hum to death.

  • James says:

    push a button that is under a pool filled with acid and then when the button is oushed the door will only remain open for 20 seconds

  • mikey says:

    perfect torture. trapped inside a room thats like a maze and if u dont got out in 5 mins u will be trapped and forced to listen 2 a take that cd…the horror

  • Anonymous says:

    Man,this movie is not about how to torture people bt to give them the meaning of life that jigsaw understood…!!!whatever the game plan is the mind game should be perfect.dont mess the plot of saw with hostel…!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean. I seen the hull series myself and your right, its not about torture people, its abuot givig them the true meanig of life

  • Anonymous says:


  • gaylelicious says:

    the saw films are the best films i have ever seen but they are milking it a bit now with a 6th film out and a 7th ging to be released next year, will they ever stop?!!!!!

  • anonymous says:

    they should have 10 people going through different tests like in the similar fashion of saw 5 only this time the message is to work together but in the end only 1 survives. im already writing down ideas for this. any comments?

  • Anonymous says:

    They should be like a giant treadmill covering the whole floor but instead of being smooth, its covered in jagged, sharp blade bits. at the back there would be two bid poles with a whole lot of saws from top 2 bottom spinning towards eachother. the guy would have to run 4 like 5min on the sparp spikes as it gets faster and faster. thatd be awesome :)

  • rodVI says:

    They should start off the movie with about 6 people in the room that the guy got crushed in at the end of the last movie. Then they should crush them all at once, the twist being that they think if they all work together they will be able to hold back the walls.

    But they don’t and get squished like the other guy. That would be the intro. You would have to see them all squished after. this would make them value life in their final seconds, and so fit with the story..

    Then you’d get 6 other people to murder cos I think you’d to have someone getting sawn totally in half in some point, just like penelope pitstop or something, only they dont get away. I dont think Ive seen that in a movie for a while.

    A tennis ball firing machine could make an appearance, only firing saw blades rather than tennis balls. The contestants would have to run down a corridor towards them, loosing legs and such. could take out another two.

    someone then getting ‘sawn’ into chunks with cheesewire or something might make another interesting scene.

    The remaining two contestants would then have to fight to the death on a rotating pole covered in barb wire above a large pit of pit of fire and spikes, armed with sharpened hammers.

    the winner would then be squished by a lowering ceiling.

    im full of ideas tonight

  • Anonymous says:

    f*** you guys i love the saw movies

  • Anonymous says:

    i am going to see that

  • rodVI says:

    Since my comment I’ve written to the directors of the movie and they’ve assured me that at least one of my plot twists will be incorporated

  • steve says:

    the first one was awsome… the second was good.. the 3rd was good.. then it started to go downhill from there. what i would really like to know is if ERICA is cute or not…she sounds like she can be alot of fun.. erica , send me ur picture… lataaaaaaaaaaa…

  • paul says:

    yip, im up 4 seeing this erika bird aswell, sounds like arite dirty

  • shahid says:

    i wanna play a game the rules are simple…………..

  • james says:

    lol the people at lionsgate made that fake plot just to fool you cause the 6th movie wasent even written when the 5th was released…dr gordon is not in the movie what so ever…ok..its deeper than that….see someone has a twin…that you dident know about…

  • Billy the Pup-Pet says:

    Ok, first off I really love the SAW character Concept. Here we have a Protagonist/Antagonist character in John Kramer. This Character has designed ” Conditional Experiments ” in other words he is attempting to Condition his Subjects into some sort of Behavior.
    I will say that to reward your subject with cheese at the end of the maze might seem better, “by the feel good masses” The promise of a life worth living instead of the misery these subjects have imposed onto their shallow lives is a far better reward.
    That being said, I have become increasingly dissapointed in the latter installments of the SAW franchise, because of the increase of helpless victems, ones that ARE NOT given a chance to redeem themselves, but are merely victems to be killed by the main character or spared regardless of their actions.
    I truly hope that in VI all of the loose ends are tied up. Obviously Dr. Gorden is still alive, and is a willing or unwilling participant in Jigsaws games.
    Live or Die, it’s up to you. Make your choice.

  • Re-L says:

    Well, we all know that the notorious Jiggsaw didn’t die, right. That who was in the third one? Hmmmmm, ponder ponder…

  • Fantasmatron says:

    I want to play a game. The rules are simple, but the consequences are great. You hold on to what you call “the Internet” as if it were connected to you. Life is meant to be spent outside with your family, not secluded from the world. To see your dedication, you must spend a period of 3 hours creating plot devices for upcoming saw installations. Should you quit or falter, your computer will be infected with a virus causing immediate explosion. Live or die, make your choice.

  • Anonymous says:

    What ever happened to the doctor in the first Saw movie? He cut of his leg and escaped and know body ever heard from him! I bet he comes back as jigsaw’s final legacy!

  • Slayer says:

    Feel What I Feel…….

  • Tom Jesper says:

    haha im getting worried about some of the comments…

    you guys have some sick ideas…


  • james says:

    in saw 5 does anyone know what was in the box john gave to his wife or what its purpose was?

  • james says:

    a treadmill? what was he missing in his life? exercise?

  • james says:

    anyone play the”saw” game? is it any good?

  • Anonymous says:

    Um i like the saw movies but u guys r a little to ino it, in the box i believe that it was blueprints for traps that he wanted his wife to use and countinue as his FINAL LEGACY

  • JoJo says:

    The saw films are clever fact – most films that produce several after are not well made but Saw continues to drop another twist in the tale. I’m excited – cant wait to watch Saw6

  • Anonymous says:

    dr. Gordon is jigasaw!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    gordon isn’t jigsaw…. Hoffmann…Jill…so many people still exist if they are smart with it as they just proved in Saw 6. Agent Perez was still alive.. shocked me.. Everything is going back from Saw 1 as far as explanation in Saw 6.. The ? is will they write Hoffman in 7 since he technically didn’t die but he is the new Jigsaw..

  • vincent says:

    Hi. I watched saw 3 last nite on tv and have to say that i dont get how they carried on. if you recall, that amanda who was helping jigsaw survive by kidnapping that doctor died when jeff shot her, so did jigsaw when his test subject jeff cut his throat. jeff, the guy who couldnt forgive for the loss of his son to a drunk driver could have killed a witness to it, the judge at the drunks trial and the drunk driver and he tried to save them after much deliberation in each test.

  • Jadey says:

    strange ppl u r far to into it

  • Gray Hollywood says:

    Saw 6 is gonna be great…full stop. Hoffman will have an acomplice and survive yet again. But Jigsaw too has someone else on his side who will be revealed finally. Maybe Jill or Errikson,who knows when it comes to Jigsaw eh. The box from 5 contains evidence on Hoffman and something for Jill’s eyes only. I think someone thought dead will be alive and re-appear to shock everybody. Cant wait anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    jill is goin to be the new jigsaw , cause hoffman kept messing him and saw 4 he said on the tape to hoffman “do you think you’re goin to walk away and not be tested” hoffman was a snake , but too bad he didnt die in trap

  • Anonymous says:

    kept messin up on traps ** amanda was spose to make traps and hoffman was spose to capture the ppl

  • TheOne says:

    You all have really bad English. Hoffman never messed up on traps, i recon the twist will involve jill being in on it since the beggining. I don’t remember a box in saw 5, ill wtch it again today.

  • Nicnac says:

    @ TheOne… way to go critising people for their english when i can see no less than three spelling mistakes in your comment. Also, bad english is not something you can “have”.
    The Saw films are brilliant, and number 6 did not disappoint at all. Genius!

  • kerri says:

    i love the saw movies they are clever and also this one was terrifying and lots of twists in the tale you will be shocked

  • Milton says:

    The saw movies are awesome and anyone who can even think of ways to kill people like this is a very clever person

  • Milton says:

    I love u Angie

  • JoJo says:

    I finally watched Saw 6 last night…..I loved it. Yes for a slight moment it comes into my head that it has all got a bit silly and no way would all these people carry on Jigsaw’s work…..but if you look past that and the film/s for what they are you will see that they are great entertainment. Very clever and I already cant wait for Saw 7 out next year. For a low budget film that originally was supposed to go straight to DVD I am impressed. I LOVE SAW

  • JoJo says:

    PS – just read on the net that Saw 7 will probably be released this time next year and……… 3D!!!! Those traps will be graphic!!!

  • you guy are dum says:

    your guy are dumm the one who lefta comment in the middle, u guys porb didnt watch the first movies th e docter dies he is trpaed in side a house, what u guy say when he tryed to exscape he was dead that want prestant it was recorted

  • you guy are dum says:

    0wow fialy someone who knows waht im talking about gordon is jigwas he takes on what the real jigwas does

  • Anonymous says:

    u know he is right bc everybody who knows something about jigsaw rounds wroking for him for example amanda on the saw2 he gave her another chance if u know what i mean and bc of that she wanted to help the man that gave her a new life

  • george says:

    all your guesses are wrong heres what willhappen
    they will have a task of doing a jigsaw of a billion pieces and when they finish it it will give all the answers we want and need and then thy will all die by a giant teddy bear eating jelly with red eyes and it will fart inb the peoples mouths and they will be like aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh it burns. choke choke dead… choke alive wowthat was sppoky then the floor would crack and they fall into a pit of too small jeans and if they dont make aladder out of the jeans in 1 hour they wiill be sprayed with perfume and they will be like wellthats not bad… but the perfume attracts maggots that eat them… sloooooooowwwwwly!!!

  • Rick says:

    First of all great review. saw 6 kicked ass! i just finished watching it at they actually got it up at a good quality! cheers

  • alvin norton says:

    When is saw6 coming out on dvd

  • senjun says:

    as you say i think life is our own right it’s not belong anyothers

  • Anonymous says:

    ive got a really goold idea 6 people are in a room and they are locked in a room for 1 hour (but they dont know that) and theyre all the same blood type they have a hole what leads to there vain saw has taken out enough blood for them to live just but he says they will need more blood for challenges or they will not live so they all have syringes and theyre fighting to steal each others blood after the hour one woman dies they steal all her blood and she cant live 5 are left when they go into the next room and theres 5 bombs theres marks where they should hide everywhere in order to live 2 men dont belive it and the hide under a desk and in a closet when the bombs go if it turns out there fakes but all the areas where he said to hide go down to a lower room and the wall starts caving in the man who is in the closet gets crushed and the man under the table is injured and goes down a hiding spot and hes injured the next room then they all fall in to glass containers if they press the button 1 of them will die they must do this till there 2 of them left a women presses the button and the other woman dies and then a ma

  • Anonymous says:

    i know who the jigsaw is… its the doctor from the first movie… his body was never found and jigsaw has allways had a limp… the pieces are starting to come together and the ‘jigsaw’ is nearly complete.

  • Anonymous says:

    Big fan of SAW…..i love all the parts….awaiting for saw 6

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