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The Warriors: Tony Scott Talks About Remaking The Cult Classic

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The Warriors: Tony Scott Talks About Remaking The Cult Classic

The Warriors (1979) recently interviewed director Tony Scott, regarding the remake of the 1979 movie “The Warriors,” which he is currently in charge of. “The Warriors” was first made in 1979, and told the story of a street gang of that name in New York. After a plan to unite all the gangs in the area goes array, The Warriors find themselves with a long trip back home and in hostile territory. Tony Scott’s adaptation, due sometime in 2010, transports the action to the streets of Los Angeles:
L.A. is now the city of the future. If it’s the Warriors, it’s sunset and it’s quiet. I’ve got a whole different feel. I’m letting it breathe in a different way.
The Warriors (1979) He then went into detail about the movie’s opening, explicitly mentioning gang leader Cyrus, the protagonist:
“Then on the Vincent Thomas bridge, which is Long Beach, you have a thousand gang members up there, then Cyrus goes bang. It’s almost like 9/11, bodies coming off, it just goes ballistic. Then these guys have got to get from the Vincent Thomas back to Venice, through all these different gang territories. And it becomes anarchy. The gangs are meeting, they’re meeting for a truce. Just like they were in the original. But once that truce is broken, they go back to their turf. And our guys, the Warriors, they’ve got to get back to their turf, back to Venice.”
Are you excited to hear about Tony Scott’s vision for the not-a-remake? the_warriors the_warriors-2 the_warriors-1 the_warriors-3 The Warriors (1979) movie trailer:

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